Artist's Statement

"Mark making, drawing, or painting brings me moments of respite where I strive to be present and look more carefully at the world around me.

My work is a responsive process that starts with the background. I integrate the subject, using shapes, colors, or textures to find beauty within a cohesive whole.

I primarily work in the pastel medium because I love to draw and appreciate its vibrancy. I also paint in oils to capture a variety of subject matter, including animals, landscapes, still life, or portraits."

-- Christy Olsen

Saguaro on Sunday by Christy Olsen
Saguaro on Sunday. 9x12. Pastel on paper by Christy Olsen

Christy Olsen is a teacher, artist, and life-long learner. She has an enthusiastic approach to learning and continues to improve her skills. She is currently teaching studio art classes for adults at the Art Verve Academy in Southern Arizona and is also an active member of the local Tucson Arts Community.